Syrian Armenians  /  Crónica de una muerte anunciada

Exhibit A :

July 25, 2012  :

Armenia must not encourage a mass out-migration of ethnic Armenians from Syria and thereby eliminate a key Diaspora community in the Middle East, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) said on Wednesday.”

(ARF spokesperson – not to confuse the man with the decision makers – )

Exhibit B :

April  04, 2014, H. C.  :

The Diaspora was not only incapable to insure the protection of the Armenians of Kessab, not only it was not even able to organize their escape, but on top of all this, up until this day, the directive of a certain ARF still remains in effect, exhorting the Armenians of Syria to stay in Syria…

This position is not only inadmissible in view of the total helplessness of said party to insure the security of our compatriots at issue, but it also constitutes a blatant violation of its more than a century old ideological foundations, considering that it is telling Armenians to stay and die in Syria (for what ? for whom, exactly… ?), when at the same moment, the Motherland has opened her arms wide, totally desirous and anxious to welcome those same Armenians, to guarantee their collective physical survival, to offer them at least some future.

Exhibit C :

April 16, 2015

Yerevan Urged To Evacuate Aleppo Armenians

We are only asking the Armenian government to help transport us to Yerevan,” said Hranush Arakelian, a middle-aged Armenian woman trapped in Aleppo with one of her daughters and three other family members, including a toddler.”

I rest my case…